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I am inspired and deeply moved by the beauty of fields, forests and wetlands of where I live and grew up.

A small portion of my pottery sales are donated between local charities that support the wildlife whose lives are disrupted by loss of habitat;

turtles, birds and butterflies.

These organizations recognize the preciousness of helping one life, especially smaller creatures that are up against a big, fast-moving world.

You can click each one to learn more about the work they do in our communities, and where your donations are going. A sincerest thank you for supporting local makers, sustainable practices, and wildlife conservation efforts.

Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre
Selwyn, Ontario

Their goal is to protect and conserve Ontario’s native turtles and the habitat in which they live. They treat and rehabilitate injured and orphaned turtles, conduct extensive research to further conservation initiatives, and run comprehensive education and outreach programs.

Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre

Ottawa, Ontario

They are Ottawa's only hospital for wild birds. They rehabilitate injured, ill, or orphaned wild birds for the purpose of releasing them back into their natural habitat. They believe every living creature's life matters and are deserving of compassion, respect and kindness.

The Canadian Monarch and Butterfly Association
Carleton Place, Ontario

Their goal is to increase public education and participation in Monarch and butterfly conservation, gardening and butterfly biodiversity. They program for all seasons to plan and participate in creating and expanding gardens as homes for Monarch's to naturally breed and thrive.

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