Each piece I make is handmade with the intention of breathing new life into forgotten histories. Functional ware and design motifs of the 19th century, domestic rural-living and architecture are sources of inspiration.

In my artistic practice, I use clay as a medium to humbly address both the permanence and fleeting nature of the natural environment and our own mortality. My work celebrates beauty, impermanence and of the complexity of the natural world.

Sarah Hamelin grew up in rural Southwestern Ontario, in a hamlet housing only a train station and a church. She first began working with clay shortly after completing her BFA in sculpture at the University of Waterloo, making clay sculptures with foraged natural material, inspired by the flora lining the railway tracks of her childhood.


Her work continues to investigate the conflicting relationship humans have with their natural environment, as both a sanctuary and prospective land for resources and survival. Using the clay as a blank canvas, her imagery and ghostly surface designs continue to find its influence in the natural world, raising questions about mortality and control.

She has been featured across galleries in Ontario and Eastern Canada, and was selected as a resident artist at Hoyt Place in King’s Landing in 2019. She now resides in Kingston, Ontario and is currently studying Fine Ceramics at New Brunswick College of Craft & Design.

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