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Working in a converted greenhouse with enough voltage to run my electric wheel and a rain barrel for water collection, I'm in production from March - November. This allows me to be in rhythm with the changing seasons, and follows the similar repetitive cycle of creating ceramics.

Every piece is formed by hand from wet clay, either on the potter's wheel or by slab. It gets fired twice: First time in a 950 degree Celsius "bisque" firing to harden the clay. Then it is removed from the kiln, cooled, and dipped in a handmade glaze that gets fired again to 1200 degrees Celsius to form a thin layer of glass over the clay. This makes it water-tight, food-safe, and durable enough to last another 10,000+ years. 


Each piece of CABOOSE pottery undergoes a three week creation process, from inspiration to firing, and is made to last a lifetime.


CABOOSE Pottery is a line of functional ceramics by Sarah Hamelin.


Each handcrafted piece is made by a combination of wheel-thrown work and slab-building. She is inspired by Gothic Revival architecture and the simplicity found in the natural world. She combines angular shapes and glaze patterns with soft forms to create pieces that seek harmony between the man-made and natural world. Her unique glaze is reminiscent of frost-coloured lichen found growing on weathered stone, a reminder of the strong and quiet existence of our adaptable, natural world.


Sarah received her honours degree in Fine Arts with a Sculpture Specialization from the University of Waterloo. She holds a diploma of Fine Craft in Ceramics from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, where she was awarded for Best Portfolio for Direct Entry, and the Graduate Ceramic Award for Highest Academic Achievement. Her work has been exhibited at shows and galleries across Ontario and New Brunswick.


Sarah lives in Eastern Ontario, working out of a converted greenhouse studio that operates within the natural cycles of the area. She relies on rain water and reusable materials when possible to maintain a small footprint. Sarah is dedicated to sustainability, technique, and artistry.

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