Sarah Hamelin is the artist behind the guise of CABOOSE. Born and raised in Southwestern, Ontario, her ceramics took her to the East Coast to study, and brought her back to the Kingston region where she now lives and works out of a converted greenhouse turned studio.  

"I began working with clay shortly after completing my BFA, making sculptures with the foraged flora lining the railway tracks of my childhood hamlet.

My work investigates the conflicting relationship humans have with their natural environment, as both a sanctuary and prospective land for resources and survival. My current work in functional ceramics uses porcelain as a blank canvas to depict ghostly surface designs inspired by my memories of places known, unexplainable feelings of familiarity and the fleeting beauty of changing environments.


Landscape and sense of home are important to me, acknowledging that I've lived, learned and continue to grow on the traditional homelands of indigenous people and their long history of caring for this shared land."