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Bird Bath, Mini (with Hook)

Bird Bath, Mini (with Hook)


12cm wide and 4cm tall.

Includes metal chain with an S-hook for hanging.


To use for birds, hang in a protected area and fill with water for small birds to bathe.  Made shallow enough to deter mosquitos from nesting, with an outer ring to help little feet to perch on the edge without slipping.


To use for bees, place river rocks, sticks or shells in the bottom before filling with water to help them stop for a drink without drowning.


Made from stoneware, glazed with a handmade recipe and fired midrange in an electric kiln. Due to the nature of handmade, each piece varies slightly in shape, size and glaze finish.

Handmade in Canada by artist Sarah Hamelin. Comes packaged with a maker's info card and care instructions.


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