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Incense Burner, Petal

Incense Burner, Petal


An incese burner that is large enough to accommodate all different sizes while still keeping the ashes contained inside the jar. 


And fun fact, these pots were even made large enough to fit a spiral 'mosquito coil!' Meaning they're great to bring outside in the summer months to keep the bugs at bay, too. 


The iron-rich grey clay naturally retains its temperature, so it will be hot to touch once an incense is burning inside. I strongly recommend putting a coaster underneath and keeping it out of reach when in use. 


My shapes are inspired by historical Victorian 'chimney pots,' cathedral architecture and the principals of the Arts & Craft movement. I created my unique glaze recipe to resemble the frost-coloured lichen that grows on weathered limestone and granite buildings and headstones.


Handmade in Eastern Ontario. Wheel thrown.



Due to the nature of handmade, each piece varies slightly in shape, size and glaze colour. Food and dishwasher safe, read full care instructions here.

Comes packaged with a maker's info card and care instructions.

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